Sullivan Supply – Shipping

Sullivan Supply and the Pulse is excited to feature some of the people that work daily to  keep the store running and your barns and showboxes stocked. We handed out a survey with a few fun questions for everyone to answer, and will post responses in the coming days. This third round includes Joe, Kevin, Mike, Steve and Joel. Day in and day out these guys are packing boxes and motor freights to deliver your favorite products to your doorstep.

Joe Simon – Happy Birthday Joe!!!
Joe Simon is the Ground Shipping Coordinator at Sullivan Supply, and works to get every order shipped across the country and world. He was known as an average Joe in high school and his favorite TV show is the Big Bang Theory. The best advice that he has ever received is that as a manager; train your employees to replace you, as this will make your job easier.

Kevin Fiege
Kevin Feige is the shipping and receiving coordinator. He started with Sullivan Supply as summer help, which eventually turned into a fulltime job. Contrary to popular knowledge, he is not the movie producer of Marvel movies. Kevin’s favorite dessert is a Cookie Dough Blizzard, and his favorite movie is Tommy Boy. In his free time he enjoys fishing and playing sports.

Mike Nemitz
Mike is currently Fred’s best friend and the Motor Freight Manager, but in high school he was a considered a nerd because he was into Scifi. Occasionally he will do stand up comedy, and he frequently enjoys coffee ice cream. Don’t touch that – from Jim Hanigan is the best advice that Mike has ever received.

Steve Nelson
Steve is a UPS guy that can commonly be found at the packing table putting together orders. In High School, Steve was known as the guy that got along with everyone. According to him, the best movie ever made was The Transformers, and he’ll never miss an episode of Duck Dynasty. Steve’s favorite dessert is Apple Crisp and his best accomplishment is being a father and grandfather.

Joel Hefernan
A huge Miami Dolphins fan, Joel works in the warehouse packing motor freight. He enjoys his coworkers and how easy it is to come to work. If stranded on a desert island, Joel would bring an iPad with so that he could play Clash of Clans to pass the time (though he may have trouble finding wifi!). His most embarrassing moment is everytime he tries to hug Fred Jepson and gets nothing in return.