Sullivan Supply Fitting Contest – NAJRAE

A little Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive goes a long ways for Brandt Allen.

Team “Red Unicorns” in full swing.

Full send on a hind leg for Payton Herzog.

Sullivan’s Flare adding dimension and shine in the showring.

Keeping cool, calm and chameleon with Adids Pulse ZR 2 available at Sullivan Supply.

Team “Badgers” putting the S/S advantage to work.

Special thank you to today’s judges Stephanie and David Dickerson and Jaxon Swink.

Thank you NAJRAE exhibitors for choosing Sullivan Supply.

Nothing but focus in Andrew Meier’s Sullivan Chute as he takes down a top with his Andids Pulse ZR 2 clippers.

Okay… Alright… It’s About Prime Time! A true Sullivan’s show day classic to bring out the fabulous.

No monkey business going on during the the fitting contest.

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