Sullivan Supply – Employee Spotlights

Sullivan Supply and the Pulse is excited to feature some of the people that work daily to keep the store running and your barns and showboxes stocked with new and innovative products. We handed out a survey with a few fun questions for everyone to answer, and will post responses in the coming days. The final round includes James, Shawn, Mark, Jim and Aaron. Day in and day out these guys are ordering products, developing new ideas, and working to keep the newest products in your showboxes.

JamesJames Sullivan
James Sullivan is in charge of New Product Development and also helps out as a Stock Show University Professor. He grew up raising show cattle at Sullivan Cattle Co. and is a former member of the American Junior Shorthorn Association Board of Directors. James enjoys being able to see people using a product that he spent months creating. His favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory or Drunken Fish.

ShawnShawn Pieper
The New Product Development for Pigs, Sheep, and Goats is Shawn Pieper, who came from a small grain/livestock farm in central Illinois. He enjoys the chance to help customers with their problems or needs. If stranded on a desert island, what he brought with him would depend on the island: if surrounded by salt water he would bring water, but if it had a luxury resort he would bring money and his family.

Mark Sullivan
Mark Sullivan, Director of Dealer Relations, grew up showing cattle. His family farmed for years and raised a small cowherd of Charolais and Crossbred cattle. The best part of his job is working towards solution with customers and dealers, as well as working with so many great people. Mark’s favorite song is Night Moves by Bob Seger. His most embarrassing moment was clipping his first calf when he shaved down its back and accidentally gave it a reverse Mohawk.

Jim Hanigan
Jim Hanigan is the operations manager at Sullivan Supply. He was raised on a farm with 7 brothers and sisters in a family that grew up showing cattle. His claim to fame is being the oldest employee at Sullivan Supply. He enjoys eating at any steak house, while the best movie ever made is “Big Jake” starring John Wayne. The best advice he’s ever received is work hard and keep your eye on the prize.

aaronAaron Loyd
In charge of managing inventory is Aaron Loyd. On a day-to-day basis he evaluates the current inventory of products and places orders with vendors accordingly. He enjoys being able to work with a great group of motivated people who have a true passion for showing livestock. Aaron is a huge Denver Broncos fan, and has faith in the 2016 Super Bowl Champs! His claim to fame is being able to work with Fred Jepsen on a daily basis. His favorite restaurant is John Elway’s Steakhouse in Denver, while his favorite song is Who Made Who by ACDC.

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