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Lot 1
September Purebred Simmental
Sire: WLE Copacetic E02
Dam: JSUL Stunning Rose 0504H (SAM/Piene)

Lot 6
October Purebred Simmental
Sire: Reckoning 711F
Dam: JBSF Proud Mary 317c (High Regard/Steel Magnolia)

Lot 8
November 3/4 Simmental
Sire:WC Family Tradition
Dam: JBSF Proud Mary (High Regard/Steel Magnolia X57)

Lot 11
October Angus
Sire: KR Casino 6243
Dam: WB Princess 902 (Pendleton/Pebbles)

Lot 16
October Angus
Sire: SULL Specialize 0537H
Dam: Colburn Saras Dream 1389 (No Limit/1339)

Lot 19
September 1/2 Simmental and 7.55% High Chi
Sire: JSUL Something About Mary
Dam: JSUL Jazzy Jalynn 750E SWho Da Man/Stiner)

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