Stock Show University – Wyoming Grad Program – Day 2

Kicking off day two here in Douglas, WY with a fitting Demonstration, as the crowd participates in answering questions from the professors.

Professor Casey St Blanc working under the lakeside lights as he clips a natural look into the tailhead with Andis 5 speed clippers and a Andis super blocking blade.

After fitting the tail Callyn Hahn Dean of Stock Show University, explains how important it is to allow the tail proper drying time after gluing. All the while, Professor Casey St Blanc applies Shock to the center portion of the calf and works it deep to the hyde with the blower to allow the hair to pop, giving it that showring look.

Professor Garrett Knebel working with Madison Bullard on clipping the proper set to the front of the hind leg.

Professor Kate Kohlbeck showing Brighton Lane how much hair to take off the joints to smooth up the hind leg.

Stock Show University professors support the Sullivan Supply product line here in Wyoming assisting the students to excel in the showring.

Professor Chris Ford guiding Maggie Forbes with clipping the front leg.

Professor Garrett Knebel working with the Lopez family on different blades and techniques for shaving the head of their calf.

As Professors Paul Hill, Chris Ford and Casey St Blanc prepare for the hands on showmanship segment, they are all smiles and excited to help the students.

The showmanship hands-on session was under way as the professors created a mock show setting for the students to learn about several aspects of showing including spacing, using the entire ring, improving their transitions and much much more.

Professor Casey St Blanc assisting Megan Harris with holding the halter properly and making smooth transitions.

Professor Chris Ford showing Katia Voloshin how to set the tail down in its proper place.

The students took it all in during the sportsmanship activity as they were able to build up their fellow showmen during a fun competitive challenge.