Stock Show University Ultimate Fitting Challenge | North American Jr. Red Angus Event

We had an awesome turnout for the first Stock Show U Ultimate Fitting at NAJRAE!

Professor and MC, Lydell Meier talks about fitting techniques during the Challenge.

Team Captain, Tar Tut throws out the Helmet Head Giveaway before the clinic.

August Bertz focuses on the topline of Team Tut’s Steer.

Hadley Hartman and Jara Johnson sit and watch the two teams face off with their clinic giveaway prizes.

Professor and MC, Colby Lind speaks to the crowd on the do’s and don’t’s of clipping.

The Pulse Content Coordinator, Taylor Adcock announces the teams before the clinic started.

Team Captain, Andrew Meier explains his team’s plan breakdown.

Payton Herzog accepts the challenge of breaking out the big shears.

And the winner goes to… Team Tut!

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