Stock Show University Professor Spotlight | Deb Vorthmann

Professor, Deb Vorthmann hails from Treynor, Iowa and has been raising Limousin and Lim-Flex cattle with her family for over thirty years. Vorthmann Limousin’s has raised numerous champions throughout the entire country. A well-known cattle fitter, Deb uses her undeniable talents to help other operations reach the backdrop, which is why we at Sullivan Supply love having Deb Vorthmann as a Stock Show University Professor.

Vorthmann has built herself to be one of the most elite female clipper/fitters in the male dominated industry. She finds it is very special to have reached the level she is at now. “The females that are good at it (fitting and clipping) in the business, know what is going on and what to look for. I truly think it’s an art. You don’t fit every one of them the same, you have to analyze and see their strengths and weaknesses” remarked Deb. In the long run, Deb wants to continue to work with the youth. She loves working and helping with them whether it be seeing them every day or once a year. She hopes she can continue to make an impact on each and every kid. “Deb Vorthmann is a fantastic example of the livestock industry. She has been the best fitter for over 15 years. From self-taught and doing it all on her own, to now one of the best in the industry to fit and raise cattle. We at Sullivan Supply couldn’t be more proud to have her and her talents help us and our youth as a Stock Show University Professor” stated John Sullivan, Founder of Sullivan Supply, Stock Show University and Sullivan Farms.

Deb is truly a role model for the youth in our industry. As a Stock Show University Professor, she hopes that the kids can learn the major aspects like how to wash, comb and blow out their animal before they learn to clip them. “The number one thing, to me, that kids should take away from the Stock Show University Program is to learn the basics of caring for your animal before you begin to learn how to clip and fit one.” Deb said. Her advice to kids as they work at home with their animals is to be thankful. Be thankful for everyone that is around you and helps you, and be gracious to other exhibitors. Be humble when you don’t come out on top and be humble when you do.

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