Stock Show University | California Grad Program

We had a great turnout at the California Grad Program in Ceres, Calif.!

Professor Shane Geist teaches Courtney Fernandes the best way to roto brush a leg.

Professor Amanda Schnoor shares with her group the importance of using the same feeding tools and practices at home and at the show.

During the hands-on fitting session, Professor J Newton works with Lindsey Aschwanden as she fits a back leg.

Professor Amanda Schnoor helps Lexie Alto reach the right point of the topline during the hands-on clipping session.

Our new Build a Bed session was a hit! Professor Dan DeMeyer talks about what it takes to build and maintain the perfect bed.

Professor Blaine Rodgers opens up the fitting segment by talking about the Pulse ZR clipper and the right blades to use when fitting.

Professor Travis Bartels works with Joshua Lemos on how to properly hold the halter when showing.