StandAlone Feed Announces New and Improved Cattle Nutrition Supplement

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StandAlone Feed Announces New and Improved Cattle Nutrition Supplement

New product line CHUBBY™ now available

ROTAN, TEXAS – StandAlone Feed released a new product line, CHUBBYTM, for all classes of beef cattle. CHUBBY combines the reliability of the StandAlone brand of feed supplements with an improved formula for palatability, user experience and energy.

“I think CHUBBY will deliver the quality results our customers have come to expect, now with added benefits not seen in our other products,” says Jonathan Hjelmervik, president and owner of StandAlone.

StandAlone Feed, who is committed to formulating supplements with more key nutrients at more effective levels, provides the same quality in CHUBBY, with more ease of use for customers. Additionally, the new formula combines 4 different sugars from the human-food industry, and Rice Bran Oil to provide an unmatched energy profile not found in livestock supplements today.

CHUBBY provides nutrients for optimal appetite, hair coat, joint and hoof health, and fat development. StandAlone’s unique blend of protein, fat, sugars, yeast, nucleotides and minerals are specifically calculated to help animals reach their full genetic potential.

Research suggests optimal nutrition and gut-health are keys to keeping an animal healthy and progressively gaining. With the addition of a properly-calculated feed supplement, like CHUBBY, cattle showman could see better results.

“I think it’s important to add a feed supplement,” Hjelmervik says. “It’s not about making a bad calf good, but helping all animals reach their full potential through an ideal balance of nutrition and health.”

Same as the original StandAlone supplement, CHUBBY can be applied to daily feedings. Stay tuned as CHUBBY for sheep and goats will be available this September, with a swine product to follow in the fall.

You can view a video of StandAlone president and owner, Jonathan Hjelmervik, speaking about the product, by clicking here.


StandAlone Feed develops livestock nutritional feed supplements formulated with more key nutrients and at more effective levels than all the rest. StandAlone’s mission is to help livestock reach their full genetic protentional with optimal nutrition and health. StandAlone Feed is a privately owned company. For more information on this and other StandAlone products, please visit or call (855) 216.6705.


CHUBBY™ is already showing success in the show ring. Photo: Brooke Minetti with her Supreme Champion Steer at Santa Barbara County Fair, California