S/S Scholarship Winners – Where are they now?

Britney Creamer
I graduated from Oklahoma State University and obtained a Masters Degree in International Agriculture and a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Economics with an International Marketing option and Spanish. I am currently employed by BioZyme Inc., where I am the Sure Champ Support Manager as well as an Area Sales Manager for the territories of western Colorado, Utah and Virginia.

The S/S scholarship allowed me to pursue my dream of continuing my education and receiving my Masters degree. Within my Masters program I was blessed with the chance to travel internationally and study Angus genetics in South America. Had it not been for the financial assistance provided through the S/S scholarship opportunities such as the one I experienced would not have been possible. It is because of the opportunities I was able to take part in during my education that I am able to work with BioZyme selling not only nationwide, but worldwide on special projects. I am beyond thankful and extremely honored to have been chosen as a recipient of this prestigious scholarship.

I was fortunate to grow up with parents that pushed me to be involved, get out and see the world, meet people and take advantage of every opportunity presented to me; whether I wanted to or not and looking back that was one of the greatest gifts they gave me. So, for youth currently in the livestock industry I encourage you to get involved in livestock groups and associations, travel, see livestock in other countries, don’t ever be scared to walk up to your livestock idol and introduce yourself or take on that summer job working for them in a showbarn. I have been blessed with moments of success within my life, but it is because I continually take on opportunities presented to me, I am stubborn about my goals yet flexible about my methods of achieving them and have learned that if you want to be successful you must prepare yourself to be doubted and tested.

Ty Bayer
I will be graduating from Colorado State University in the spring of 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in animal science. I am currently planning on return back home to work on our cattle operation raising angus and red angus cattle. The S/S scholarship gave an opportunity to help me study in areas that where of interest to.

Some advice that I have for youth is that to always work hard at what you want to achieve. Set your goals high and hard work will pay of in the end. This pay off will lead to success at whatever it is you would like to do in your life but always remember to have fun doing it.

Morgan Meisenheimer
I studied Agricultural Communications at Oklahoma State University after receiving my associates at Butler Community College. After finishing school, I started my own self-titled livestock photography and design business. To see example work you can visit www.facebook.com/MLMeisenheimer

The cost of higher education was hard on me like most students. I utilized my scholarship to help pay for my first semester of senior college. Remember-don’t go to college to just get a degree. Use those years to garner a marketable skill-set, create life-long relationships, and put yourself in a position to accomplish exactly what you want to. Once you figure out what that is, devote all of your time and energy to being the absolute best at it you can be.

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