South Dakota Summer Spotlight | Top 5 Breeding Does

Champion Breeding Doe
Sire: Hired Gun
Dam: Rumor Mill
Bred by: Peterson Livestock
Congratulations to Hanna Peterson!

Reserve Breeding Doe
Sire: Swamp Boy
Dam: Mini Heat
Bred and sold by: Went Show Goats
Congratulations to Kai Thompson!

Third Overall Breeding Doe
Sire: Motorboat
Dam: Baby Teddy
Bred and sold by: Scheel Livestock
Congratulations to Rhyder Michaelk

Fourth Overall Breeding Doe
Sire: Titan
Dam: Flex
Bred and sold by: Twisted E Show Goats
Congratulations to Lane Miller

Fifth Overall Breeding Doe
Sire: 100 Proof
Dam: Martin Donor
Bred and sold by: Rasmussen Show Stock
Congratulations to Levi Larson!