South Dakota Summer Spotlight | Stock Show U Sheep Clinic

Tess Mittag, Stock Show University Manager, opened the clinic bright and early this morning.

Professor Kody Miller explains the benefits that Sullivan’s Wool Grower can have on your lambs.

Sullivan’s Kleen Sheen is a show day essential for Professor Denton Ohlrichs.

Learning how to properly use leg wraps on your sheep will enhance the quality of your lamb’s leg wool. Professor Kody Miller says to use them everyday! 

Professor Denton Ohlrichs tells the crowd about the importance of a healthy hide to improve your success in the show ring.

Make sure you are holding your lamb’s neck at a 90 Degree angle in the show ring.

Professor Denton and Kody stress the importance of hand placement during showmanship.

Sullivan Supply has a great lineup of Sheep Products for you to try!

The sheep kids had some great questions today for our Professors. Thank you to all of the exhibitors that came to the Stock Show U Clinic this morning!

Thank you to Professor Denton Ohlrichs and Professor Kody Miller for coming out and teaching the kids!

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