In a wink of an eye, it will be time for the Texas Majors. In this Stock Show University tip, review the basics of slick shearing and some tips from trusted Stock Show University® professors. Just like haired cattle, it is important to have a game plan when preparing for your target show when it pertains to your calf’s hide. Below are 4 listed points to remember when creating your daily care routine for your stick steer:

  • Wash at least once a week during the 100-120 days prior to your target show. Even though you will be slicking off the hair, you need to maintain a healthy, hydrated hide on your calf.


  • Plan to shear your animal about one to two weeks before the show. When shearing over your animal, make sure you are applying the same amount of pressure throughout the whole animal, using vertical strokes with a T-84 blade. Tip: “Be careful to get all the hairs on the animal. This is a long process, but it is a must to get each and every hair.” 


  • To maintain that healthy, hydrated skin and hide, wash each day of the final week leading up to your target show, with conditioning after. After all the hair is gone, you can start really focusing on the areas that need attention (dandruff areas), as these spots will be visually easier to see.


  • Shear over your animal again three days before show day. 

Throughout all of these steps, here is a list of Sullivan Supply products that are recommended to maintain the healthy, hydrated skin: Revive, Revive Lite, Rejuvenate, Healthy Hide Lotion, Healthy Hide Lotion Lite, Freshen Up. 

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