Simmental National Classic – Division Winners

Division I Champion
MMRF Starlight
Sire: FBFS Wheel Man 649W
Congratulations to Caitlyn Skiles of Texas

Division I Reserve
3TES hot N Reddy 19B
Sire: Traxs Rushmore X103
Congratulations to Lily Swain of Kentucky

Division II Champion
GBGS Xclamation 109B
Sire: K-Ler Make it Rain
Congratulations to Ethan Wood of Texas

Division II Reserve
Cleopatras Goldmine
Sire: Nugget R12
Congratulations to Kodee Bowen of Oklahoma.

Division III Champion
Shike Wendy 1B
Sire: Mr Hoc Broker
Congratulations to Trent Ray of Illinois.

Division III Reserve
W/C RJ Biscuit 4007B
Sire: Yardley High Regard W242
Congratulations to Kristen Jass of Iowa.

Division IV Champion
JS Black Satin 9B
Sire: Mr HOC Broker
Congratulations Jake Bloomberg of Illinois

Division IV Reserve
TJSC Kansa 823B
Sire: Mr. HOC Broker
Congratulations to Maddy Udell

Division V Champion
OBCC Firefly 139A
Sire: JF American Pride 0987X
Congratulations to Tanner Howey

Division V Reserve
Zena’s All that 507A
Sire: JM OL Steel Y50
Congratulations to Cole Clanton