Clark County Classic (Springfield, OH) | Saturday – Top 5 Gilts (Judge: Luke McDonnell)

Champion Breeding Gilt
Champion Crossbred Gilt
Sire: Nothing to Hide
Bred by: Platt (Mauck Bred Gilt)
Congratulations to Makenah Rohr


Reserve Breeding Gilt
Reserve Crossbred Gilt
Sire: Nothing Compares
Bred b: Stohlquist
Congratulations to Paisley Russell


Third Overall Breeding Gilt
Champion Berkshire Gilt
Sire: Shattered
Bred by: Cole Genetics
Congratulations to Travis Durst


Fourth Overall Breeding Gilt
Champion Duroc Gilt
Sire: Backdraft
Bred by: JJ Genetics
Congratulations to Noah Sponcil


Fifth Overall Breeding Gilt
Champion Yorkshire Gilt
Sire: Words of Wisdom
Bred by: Thompson Bros
Congratulations to Camden Lee