Shorthorns South of the Mason-Dixion | National Junior Shorthorn Show

Team Ohio giving corn hole a try on a cooler day in Tennessee.

Sara Britton and Cooper Hendricks cooling off in-between rain showers.

Nothing like and early morning bath to start the day off right for Sara Planton and her calf.

Oh Chute….its time to ring. Kegan Buckingham and Danny Powell

Kyle and Tyle Vondra smile for the camera with a mouth full of ice cream.

Team Wisconsin takes a break to play some cards.

Junior board member Macy Backenhus double checking things in-between contests.

Mentor/Apprentice duo Mikayla Wetzel and Addisin Obrecht can’t stop having fun at junior nationals.

Can’t Stop Wont Stop Flarin’ it Up

Cyrus Kornegay knocking the socks off the judging contest.

Kane Aegerter sprays Sullivan’s Revive Lite on his calf.

Kennedy Evans couldn’t have been more excited to get her Flare shirt.