Reving Up the Royal | American Royal

Kelsi Scheihing sticks her steer during intermediate showmanship.


Sarah Kennedy takes a break from orchard to shear her sheep.


Teamwork makes the dream work, that’s what I always say.


Hit them with the one-two punch to a clean hide with Sullivan’s Natural White and Knock Out.


Casey Martin smartly uses a Sullivan’s Smart Scrub on the wash rack.


Kadon Leddy blows out a steer this morning.


Dave Guyer gets some clipping in before the big day.


Glo them up with Sullivan’s Show Glo.


Sullivan Supply Sales Reps, Fred Jepsen and Kara Cutshaw are all smiles to serve you! Stop by and see them at the supply trailer while you’re in Kansas City.


Showmanship Judge, Jack Ward lines up a class this afternoon.


The stage is set for the 2020 American Royal! We can’t wait to see which champions are crowned this year. As a reminder though – everyone wear your masks!

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