RAYE | Livestock Loot on Route 66

Lootin down Route 66, Giveaway Round 1 winners.

RAYE Livestock Loot Giveaway Round 2 Winners Rylien Wade, Easton Koivisto, Eli Koivisto, Bailee Burnett, and Lyrick Curry.

Easton Koivisto catching all the loot.

Rules, Rules are no fun; but the Livestock Loot sure is!

Chase Wood Lootin Around.

Sales Representative Jordan Nall sure knows how to pick the winners.

Everyone jump for joy…No, No, No; THE LOOT!

Quick, grab the cash!

Pulse Manager Rachel Davis assisting in counting loot.

Ransom Russel hyped up and ready to win bank.

Focused on the price.

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