Oklahoma State AGR Winter Bonanza | Twas’ the night before…

Tucker Houska is making sure his cattle are bedded down just right!

The Weldon crew knows that a SMART Bucket is essential to show weekend prep!

Torbin LaPean rolling his BEAST Blower down the aisle gearing up for this weekend!

Brandt Gazaway knows that a Sullivan Supply Soap Foamer is a necessity in the wash rack!

The Sullivan Supply trailer is stocked and ready for all of the customers to come Christmas shopping!

Jewel, Jorja, and Jeremy Scherler are all smiles for a weekend in Stillwater!

Kreas Richard is happy to be at the AGR Winter Bonanza with her heifer!

Cady Pieper knows that a Sullivan’s Air Express is the only way to get one dry!

Gavin Conrad is in charge of the heavy lifting!

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