Top Five Open Bulls | KILE (PA)

Grand Champion Open Bull
Champion Angus Bull
HAG MCK Model 1748
Sire: C&C McKinley 300 EXAR
Dam: Copper CRK Blackcap 1320
Bred and Sold by: Haggard Angus
Congratulations to Haggard Angus, Dameron Angus, ST Genetics, and Full Day Enterprise!

Reserve Champion Open Bull (Tie)
GHCF Man O’War F825
Sire: GHGF Cowtown
Dam: WHIT 25D
Bred by: Green Hills Cattle Co.
Congratulations to Justin Teeter!

Reserve Champion Open Bull (Tie)
Champion Hereford Bull
KJ B002 Catapult F28 ET
Sire: CRR 719 Catapult 109
Dam: KJ BJ 274S Misty B002 ET
Bred by: Brady Jensen
Congratulations to Kevin Jensen and Mary Carter Shirley!

Third Overall Open Bull
Champion Mainetainer Bull
AHFF The King 847F
Sire: Goat I-80
Dam: SCC Royal Blackbird GAF 116
Bred by: Heart Felt Farms
Congratulations to Annette Delaplaine!

Fourth Overall Open Bull (Tie)
Champion Red Angus Bull
H/H LCC Kodiak 8653
Sire: WEBR Homestead 639
Dam: CTRH Drama Queen 653D
Bred by: Harmony Hill, Leon Cattle Company
Congratulations to Leon Cattle Company!

Fourth Overall Open Bull (Tie)
Champion Shorthorn Bull
CF S/F Upper Hand X ET
Sire: Little Cedar Aviator 503X
Dam: CF HHF Margie 2106 HX X ET
Bred by: Simon Farms
Congratulations to Cates Farms, Simon Farms, and Shoufler Shorthorns!

Champion Simmental Bull
Fifth Overall Open Bull
Champion Simmental Bull
Sire: CSCX Bandwagon
Dam: Patrol Princesss Xena
Bred by: Patnoel Farm
Congratulations to Shane Meyer!