Oklahoma Youth Expo | Sullivan Supply Cattle Fitting Contest Prelim Round

Braedon Callis knows the importance of getting the right angle on a leg.

Blayklee Stelzer focused on the perfect tail head.

Jaxson Staggs clipping straight lines.

Looking through the eyes of a winner.

Ashlynn Vargas spraying and combing.

Carter Thomas has all the Sullivan Supply fitting essentials on deck.

Cole Scott dialing in a back leg.

Aubrie McEndoo concentrated on a top line.

Sage Schenk giving the perfect cut.

Raegan Boles is on tropical vibes.

Hagen Swanson oils his clippers for a smooth cut.

Tess Mittag, Stock Show U Manager, kicking off the fitting contest.

Avery Staggs balling a tail.

Conor Mack broke out the big shears during the contest.

Gracin Jones spraying tail adhesive to pull a front leg.

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