Ohio Youth Livestock Expo | Crossbred Steers

Champion Crossbred Steer
Champion Crossbred Division III
Sire: Getcha Some/Here I Am
Dam: Whiskey Chic
Bred by: GOET, RCC
Sold by: GOET
Congratulations to Haleigh Stephens


Reserve Crossbred Steer
Reserve Crossbred Dvision III
Sire: Dakota Gold
Bred by: Mark Langdren
Sold by: Guyer, Shane
Congratulations to Savannah Holzen


Third Overall Crossbred Steer
Champion Crossbred Division IV
Sire: Here I Am
Sold by: Brett Bowman
Congratulations to Calvin Trigg


Fourth Overall Crossbred Steer
Third Overall Crossbred Division III
Sire: Here I Am
Bred & Sold by: Brad Keirns
Congratulations to Livia Leonhart


Fifth Overall Crossbred Steer
Reserve Crossbred Division III
Congratulations to Delaney Jones