Ohio State Fair| Overall Market Beef

Champion Overall Market Animal
Champion Division II Steers
Sire: Here I Am
Dam: Wizard
Bred & Sold By: Rodgers /Vanhove
Congratulations to Ryleigh Egbert
Reserve Overall Market Market Animal
Reserve Champion Division II Steers
Sire: In God We Trust
Bred By: Scott Heinrich
Sold By: Rodgers Cattle Co. and Ty Webster
Congratulations to Delaney Jones
3rd Overall Market Animal
Champion Crossbred Division IV
Sire: Here I Am
Bred By: Faris Simon
Sold By: Grauer
Congratulations to Mason Kinney



4th Overall Market Steer

4th Overall Market Beef

Champion Maine Anjou Steer
Sire: Here I Am
Sold By: Winegardner / Klingaman
Congratulations to Lane Underwood

5th Overall Market Animal
Champion Market Heifer
Sire: In God We Trust
Sold By: Guyer/Valley Hill Farms
Congratulations to Luke Fulton


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