NWSS – Polzin Cattle | Breeder Spotlight


Chris and Leslie Polzin run a seed stock operation focusing on Charolais, Red Angus, Angus, and Simmental cattle in Darwin, MN. We took a moment to sit down with them briefly after their Reserve Grand Champion Charolais bull win today at the NWSS.

The Polzin’s have been in attendance at the National Western for 30 years running and they love the opportunity it brings to get their cattle in front of people as well as catch up with friends and customers, not only from Polzin cattle, but also from their Polzin Embryo Center business. Chris says “It’s an enjoyable time to come and meet a lot of people and see high quality calves.”

Their most memorable Denver moment comes from the first time they won the pen of bulls show, but the memories and excitement continue all the way to their win today.


The Polzin’s strive for balanced traits in their own operation in order to make cattle be functional for the commercial world, but also keep some eye appeal and style for purebred females. By utilizing technology in their operation, especially embryo transfer and in-vitro fertilization, Chris and Leslie are able to implement cutting edge genetics that have marketable embryos. They use Polzin Embryo Center to help out with those genetics and help some customers to buy other cattle.

They are avid Sullivan Supply users and are really enjoying items from the new product line, especially Sullivan’s Hair Savior”. The Polzin’s favorite S/S product, however; is the Sullivan’s Double Blower System Air Express III, which allows them to “get a lot done at one time”. Leslie mentioned Sullivan’s combs which they not only use in their operation, but the kids enjoy using them while playing with their stuffed show cows. Leslie also mentioned that their family loves The Pulse and that their son, Colton is on The Pulse all the time.


You can learn more about the Polzin family on their website at http://polzincattle.com/

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