NWSS – Breeder Spotlight | Hilbrands Cattle Company

Mark and Amanda Hilbrands started Hilbrands Cattle Company in July 2013. Both Mark and Amanda owned their own separate cow herds that they conjoined after getting married. Since 2013 the Mark and Amanda have grown their herd to 65-70 head of purebred and percentage Simmental cattle Located in Clara City, MN, where they extensively utilize embryo transfer. The Hilbrands’ market their cattle in the Jewels of the Northland Production Sale which they host every year on the first Saturday December.

Mark and Amanda have been attending the NWSS for “many, many years.” Although the Hilbrands’ have taken home a grand champion title on the hill for the past two years, their favorite part about the Denver Stock Show is the yards. Amanda says “we love showing pens in the yards, it’s a great place to promote our genetics and for other breeders to see what we’re offering and what we’re doing in our program.”

Like many breeders who attend the NWSS the Hilbrands’ know it is no easy task. “We don’t eat and we don’t sleep,” laughed Mark, when asked about preparing for Denver. The Hilbrands believe the most important aspect of making this stock show a success is putting together the best possible crew they can find. “Having a great crew makes it a lot easier, “said Mark. Amanda also mentioned a very important member of their crew and her appreciation of his halter breaking skills saying “we have a lot to thank to our donkey Franklin.”

For a relatively new operation Hilbrands’ have had immense success at the NWSS. However, their most memorable experience so far was just last year with their impressive wins on the hill and the yards. They won the open and junior purebred Simmental show with a female they raised as well as sweeping the Percentage Simmental pen bull show taking home grand and reserve.

Following up their success from last year the Hilbrands’ received champion Percentage Simmental female at the show yesterday. Mark and Amanda have been feeding their favorite Sullivan Supply product, Fresh and Feminine, to their NWSS champion Percentage Simmental heifer since Louisville and could’t be more happy with the results “it just changed her,” said Mark.

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