Not So Black Friday | Down 4 the Cause, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Rylee Short sticks her way to her to Champion Intermediate Showman, congratulations!

Trevor Biley plays Jordynn Fink in a game of Rock, Paper Scissor during a Flare T-Shirt Giveaway today.

Stock Show U Manager, Taylor Harrison helps Caleb Junis before he went in the ring for Showmanship tonight.

Flare t-shirts were a hit at the Family Fun Night.

John Sullivan, Founder of Sullivan Supply, Stock Show University and Sullivan Farms working with an exhibitor before showmanship.

Eric Walker helping Keegan Steck in one of his first showmanship competitions.

Matt Burkhart, Sullivan Supply General Manager working with an exhibitor during the showmanship mentoring session.

Taylor Adcock, Content Coordinator for The Pulse helping exhibitors sign up for prizes at the family fun night.

Tracy Coffland & McKlay Gensini working on showmanship techniques.

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