North American Junior Red Angus Event | Ultimate Warrior Bootcamp

The North American Junior Red Angus Event had a great turnout for the Ultimate Warrior Bootcamp!

Stock Show University’s South Coordinator, Ashley Dulaney demonstrates how the first obstacle is supposed to be completed. Can you guess what they were supposed to do?

The water balloon toss proved to be a fan-favorite!

Things cooled down real fast during the water balloon toss portion of the obstacle course.

Competitors found the second obstacle somewhat challenging…!

They had to knock cans of Tail Adhesive and Revive off of one of the SSU tables using only frisbees! Colby Lind helped collect the frisbees as the competitors threw them.

Quick feet! We had a few falls during the Smart Feed Pan obstacle.

Last but not least, the Purina Sack Race marked the finish line!

At the conclusion of the Ultimate Warrior Bootcamp, we were off to the races with the Pee Wee Stick Horse Race!