North American Jr. Red Angus Event | Top 5 Owned Heifers

Champion Owned Heifer
Champion Division VI
EDG Finley 3121
Sire: WEBR Night Train 324
Dam: MNS Pearle 3121
Bred by: Edge
Sold by: Deckard, Wimmer
Congratulations to Hadley Hartman


Reserve Owned Heifer
Champion Divison VII
C9CC Star F225
Sire: Damar Trump
Dam: Damar Star 365W
Bred & Sold by: Cloud 9
Congratulations to Laurin Goecke


Third Overall Owned Heifer
Reserve Divison VII
LHT Ms Flashback 58F
Sire: AHL Flashback
Dam: MNS Sheena
Bred by: Shuey
Congratulations to Lauren Trauernicht


Fourth Overall Owned Heifer
Reserve Divison VI
PZC Fire Queen 813
Sire: PZC TMAS Firestorm 1800
Dam: Rojas African Queen
Bred by: Polzin
Sold by: KOLT Cattle
Congratulations to Ben Spencer


Fifth Overall Owned Heifer
Champion Division IV
BIX Hotty 84
Sire: MANN Red Box 55C
Dam: JKC Brylor Hotty 4Z
Sold by: Pemrbook Cattle & Bixler Cattle
Congratulations to Bret Pembrook