New York Grad Program | Day Two Candids

Professor Mason Awald and Sarah Birdsall work hand-in-hand on her Hereford calf.

Anna King stays focused while clipping the back leg on her Angus calf.

Daisy Trowbridge uses a roto brush to work the hair on her steer.

Professor Kyle Fleener gives Dawson Smith and Ava Castine some fitting tips.

Dean Callyn Hahn gives Brittaney Noto some pointers.

Dylan Bozeman uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to fit the back leg on his calf.

Cara Ando takes a moment to step back and look at her work.

Tyler Gemza uses the Sullivan Supply fitting essentials to work on the front leg of his calf.

Tracer Howland clips the tailhead on his heifer.

Sam Birdsall works on the back leg of his calf.

Megan Andersen uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to fit the front leg on her Hereford.

Gavin Murphy uses a can sprayer with his Prime Time Adhesive to fit his Shorthorn heifer.

Dawson Smith gives Stock Show U two thumbs up!

Master Professor Wess Richey gives Megan Andersen some top and tailhead fitting tips.

Ady Bozeman and her calf Tink Tink make an adorable team!

Jala Murphy clips the tailhead on her heifer.