New York Grad Program | Day One Candids

We have a great group of attendees at the New York Grad Program in Syracuse!

Professor Katie Songer and Gavin Murphy work together to clip his calf.

Sam Birdsall shares a funny comb story about Randy Mullinix and a raccoon.

Ava Castine is all smiles as she dives right into daily hair care.

Special thanks to Annette Delaplaine of Heartfelt Livestock Supply for joining us this weekend.

Master Professor Wess Richey starts off the day by discussing daily care with his advanced group.

Sam Birdsall works on clipping his Hereford bull.

Dawson Smith shows off his cowboy style during comb stories.

Master Professor Wess Richey works with Jala Murphy on daily hair care.

Sarah Birdsall roto-brushes her calf.

Professor Mason Awald talks to his group about the correct way to roto brush your animal.

Michelle Parsels blows out her calf.

The clipping segment was the highlight of the afternoon.

Stock Show U Intern Taylor Harrison helps Joanna Reynolds with her daily hair care routine.

Kyle Fleener watches as Daisy Trowbridge clips the tailhead on her calf.

Master Professor Tracy Coffland helps Dylan Bozeman during the hands-on clipping portion of the day.