New AJMAA Event!

NEW for the SUMMER OF 2022
The American Junior Maine-Anjou Association Board of Directors would like to introduce a new summer event for youth ages 14-21. Join us, July 26-29 in Stillwater, Oklahoma, for MAINE! (Maine-Anjou Industry Networking Event)
What is MAINE?
The American Junior Maine-Anjou Association (AJMAA) has created an opportunity for juniors to come together and hone their leadership, teamwork and personal development skills through the implementation of the Maine-Anjou Industry Networking Event (MAINE).
MAINE is designed for AJMAA members ages 14-21, and offers a unique opportunity for students to develop relationships with not only their peers, but also respected industry professionals, that have been sought out to participate in the MAINE for their hard work, integrity and future-focused vision.
Why attend MAINE?
The curriculum developed for the weekend will appeal to individuals who seek the tools and opportunities to increase their effectiveness as leaders in their industry, community, schools and homes. It has been designed to challenge each participant’s view of their role in the future of the livestock industry and will help the individual identify and develop their personal leadership challenges and abilities. The goal is for each participant to return home with a new vision for their future and a realization of their potential impact today and in the future.
Mark your calendars, we hope you will consider joining us this summer in Stillwater, Oklahoma!
Entries go live May 3 on the website.

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