National Western Stock Show | On Wednesday’s We Wear Red

Congratulations to Storey Herefords & Crew on a successful Polled Hereford Show, thank you for trusting Sullivan Supply for all your show day needs!

Kaslyn Krebs is all focus this morning as she helps fit her heifer.

Chris Effling changes the games with Sullivan’s Game Changer.

Kyle Colyer & Crew put some final touches on Piper’s Revere Horned Heifer.

Happy Belated Birthday to Judge Taylor Graham!

Drew Schmidt, Mark & Dan Kelly hard at work with Sullivan Show Day Products.

Saylor Douglas knows to be a team you must show as one.

Judge Taylor Graham and Stetson Storey admiring his pick.

Super Stick, Callie Harris put her game face on today!

Judge Mike Harbour making his final assessments.

Whats better than goats and green carpet?

Hayden Schroeder uses Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to fit a wether.

Sayde Allen is all smiles while helping fit one of her goats before winning Grand Champion!

Fitting Contest Winners, Paige Pence & Kendra Myers are back at it today for the wether show.

Sullivan’s The Beast Blower also works great for goats.

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