National Western Stock Show | Day Two Candids

Colorado State set up out in The Yards ready for day two of the National Western Stock Show.

Ashlynn Brockus of Judd Ranch waits patiently as Cody, Justin and Casey get to fitting her Gelbvieh heifer.

Cole Youngblood of 4T Ranch using Revive. Thank you for supporting Sullivan Supply! Best of luck this week!

Have you checked if there are any Stock Show University clinics in your area, lately?

Moffitt Angus of Colfax, Iowa, representing at the National Western Stock Show.

Emily Griffiths and Eva Hinrichsen using Sullivan’s Air Express III blowers.

Sidney Wilkinson from Cattle of Integrity using Revive and the Smart Sensation brush to prepare her Gelbvieh heifer for the show.

Stand out from the rest with one of these original Exhibitor Clips by Sullivan Supply.

The sun was shining today over The Yards at the National Western Stock Show!

Visit the Sullivan Supply trailer on The Hill, one of our four locations at the National Western Stock Show.

Austin Giles clips the top on a heifer.

James Henderson works diligently to clip a Limousin heifer.

Louann Fraser fine tunes a Gelbvieh heifer for tomorrow’s open show.

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