National Junior Limousin Show & Congress | Exhibitor Spotlight – Ethan Fruend

We sat down with Ethan Fruend, of Colorado, and asked him about the experiences he has had as the 2018 President on the Junior Board in the North American Limousin Junior Association and got to know him a little more. Read what he had to say in our National Junior Limousin Show & Congress Exhibitor Spotlight.

What is your favorite part the Junior Board?
My favorite part about being on the Junior Board is knowing that I have a responsibility and a voice in what happens in this association. I also love having the opportunity to help guide and be apart of the success of the juniors.

What made you want to run for the Junior Board?
I wanted to run for the Junior Board to help the juniors in this association, but it soon became clear to me my love for the Limousin breed. After I got elected, it became my mission to make sure that this breed keeps moving forward in the years to come.

Who has been your biggest role model?
Without a doubt my grandpa has been my biggest role model. He started our ranch then we moved from Iowa to Colorado, and he has been there to help me and the rest of my family every step of the way.

What are your plans after college?
I want to open a graphic design and marketing company as a way to advocate for agriculture, and to help grow the Limousin breed.

What was your favorite part from your year as President on the Limousin Junior Board?
My favorite part would have to be knowing that I believed in myself to make a difference, and that I can be a leader to not only my fellow Junior Board members, but all the juniors involved in the Limousin association.

What is your favorite Sullivan’s product and why?
My favorite Sullivan product would have to be Shock, especially with Limousin hair, because it does not like to stand up. Shock gives the hair on our cattle the pop that we are looking for on show day.

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