Junior National Charolais Show | Team Fitting Contest Candids

Will Blankers, member of the Champion Senior Team, dials into a belly minutes before time is up.

Ty Dybdal, President of the American International Junior Charolais Association, takes a break from his duties to participate in the team fitting contest.

Weston Schrader uses a Sullivan’s Tail Bag during the team fitting contest to keep the hair out of unnecessary glue.

Stetson Eschenbach takes the extra few minutes to get the tailhead perfect.

Paislee Carlson is using Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to pull the top on her heifer.

The Nebraska Intermediate Fitting Team works together to get their heifer ready during the contest.

Maggie Holt is perfecting that front leg during the Junior Team Fitting Contest.

Isom Marston is using a Sullivan’s Handy Sprayer to get the glue evenly on the leg during the junior team fitting contest.

Kaden Hoover uses the Sullivan’s Teflon Comb and Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to work on a tailhead.

Devin Benes is using scissors to get that line correct on the tailhead.

Connor Briggs knows that using a roto brush before pulling legs will get the best results.

Cody Jedlicka, Connor Kisner, Chase Simmons and Colton Grass watch the Senior Team Fitting Contest to learn a few things before they match up with other junior competitors.

Abbee Carnes takes her time to get the perfect teardrop shape in her tail.