National Jr. Maine-Anjou Show | Owned Maine Angus Female

Champion Maine Angus Female
JABR Gwen 98G
Sire: Silveiras Style
Bred by: SL and Jenna Craft
Sold by: Paulsen, Fox, Blind Badger
Congratulations to Dalton Carlson

Reserve Maine Angus Female
MCCF Giselle ET
Sire: Silveiras Style
Bred by: Ali Muis
Congratulations to Sophia Shobe

Third Overall
ALAP Miss Gypsy
Sire: Colburn Primo
Bred by: Alec Lapke
Sold by: Tony Jeffs/Tim Schaeffer
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan

No Photo Available
Fourth Overall
WW Driving Me Wild
Sire: GOET I80
Bred by: Webster Cattle
Congratulations to Perry Lehman

Fifth Overall
Minn Katie 987G
Sire: Silveiras Style
Bred by: Jason Minneart
Congratulations to Jenna Belt

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