National Jr. Limousin Show | Lim-Flex Heifers

Champion Lim-Flex Heifer
Champion Division V
DL Hush Money 502H
Sire: ELCX Kings Landing 599 D ET
Dam: SSTO Courtney 5877C
Bred by: Davis Limousin Ranch
Sold by: Tony Jeffs, Randy Ratliff
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan


Reserve Lim-FLex Heifer
Champion Division III
ELCX Hollywood 410H
Sire: ELCX E-Town 736E ET
Dam: CJLM San Jose 410D ET
Bred by: Edwards Land & Cattle Co.
Sold by: Nattee Hood, Dalton Hartman
Congratulations to Bryntlee Wilkerson


Third Overall Lim-Flex Heifer
Champion Division VI
JSZC HH TSSC Larissa 101G
Sire: Silverias Style
Dam: Riverstone Charmed
Bred by: Scheetz
Sold by: Schaeffer, Smith Acres, Travis Neal
Congratulations to Mackenzie Neal


Fourth Overall Lim-Flex Heifer
Champion Divison IV
LFCC It’s My Birthright
Sire: PVF Blacklist 7077
Dam: TASF Dignity 035D
Bred by: Lawrence Farms
Sold by: BCII Show Cattle,CEG
Congratulations to Claire Sennett


Fifth Overall Lim-Flex Heifer
Reserve Division IV
SHSK Benjie 205H ET
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: WLR Prada
Bred by: Shelby Skinner
Congratulations to Carly Kolterman

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