NAILE | Turn the Lights Off, Carry Me Home

Cowboy one day, Bob the Builder the next, Tyler Adcock just does it all.

Aksel Blakenship tries his dad’s hat on for size.

Simmental Judges, Blake Nelson and John McCurry analyze their Champion Heifer Drive.

Those who know, know.

Breaking down & heading out.

The Poff sisters blow out their heifer.

Wes Horn paints a tail during the Simmental Bull show today.

Jody Foster is a big fan of NAILE.

As always, it is a pleasure listening to Kent Jaecke announce all week at the North American!

The Bloomberg brothers contemplate the Simmental open show.

It might not be a beltie buckle but it will do!

The Hair Savior is empty, and the banners are hung that’s all for the NAILE, you sure were fun.

It was a great time with great pals.. until next year, NAILE!