NAILE | Junior Heifer Show Recap – Official Backdrops

Champion Simmental Heifer
JBSF Breckyn 6F
Sire: W/C Relentless
Dam: Brooks Steel Magnolia X57
Bred by: Bloomberg, Willow Springs
Sold by: Guyer, Jeffs, Ferree
Congratulations to Ashtin Guyer

Reserve Simmental Heifer
J6C Weis Miss Coco 16F
Sire: W/C Relentless 32C
Sold by: Willie Weis
Congratulations to Tucker Bayer

Champion Hereford Heifer
LAR Annsley 843F ET
Sire: UPS Sensation
Dam: H Annsley 5282
Bred by: Lex Larsen
Congratulations to Vada & Hans Vickland

Reserve Hereford Heifer
SULL CCC PL Rosie 800
Sire: C Miles McKee 2103 ET
Dam: SULL Shelby GT 550 ET
Bred by: Sullivan Farms
Congratulations to Kathy Lehman

Champion ChiAngus Heifer
MD MS Style 110G
Sire: Silveiras Style 9303
Dam: MD Dunk Classy 110E ET
Bred by: Tatum Miller
Congratulations to Tatum Miller

Reserve ChiAngus Heifer
BMW YNOT Finesse 424F ET
Sire: EXAR Classen 1422B
Bred by: Winegardner-Klingaman
Congratulations to Bailey Tomson

Champion Chianina Heifer
JSUL Who Dat Steiner 8266F ET
Sire: ASHW Who Da Man
Dam: SUL Jaylnn 0904X
Bred by: Sara Sullivan
Congratulations to Sara Sullivan

Reserve Chianina Heifer
SRR Miss 5F ET
Sire: NMR Maternal Made
Dam: DRUR Veronica
Bred by: Michael Michel, Dunk
Sold by: Snake Run Cattle
Congratulations to Hadley Dunklau

Champion Red Angus Heifer
EDG Finley 3121
Sire: WEBR Night Train 324
Dam: MNS Pearle 3121
Bred by: Edge
Sold by: Deckard, Wimmer
Congratulations to Hadley Hartman

Reserve Red Angus Heifer
C9CC Star F225
Sire: Damar Trump
Dam: Damar Star 365W
Bred & Sold by: Cloud 9
Congratulations to Laurin Goecke