NAILE | Opening Day for the Open Show

“Wravenna knows how to pick good ones, she picked me!” – Blake Bloomberg

Tyler Caplinger is handy with the infinity scissors.

You never know who you will catch ringside, Mary Bloomberg & Travis Pembrook were spotted!

Adam Miller creating the perfect tail head.

Josh Jasper, keeping the news coming in Broadbent Arena.

Hailey Jester has the perfect adhesive & comb duo!

Hey Chanse Mullinix you’re on The Pulse!

Nate Kolterman topping off a top line.


Jake Nikkel chooses a double stuff comb for show day.

Andrew Meier hard at work on a back leg.

National Sales Representative, Caroline Davis knows the Sullivan Supply Belt bags are an essential when shopping!

Judges Jeff and Reed Gooden congratulating Donnie Robertson on the big win in the Angus ring.

NAILE Official Photographer Linde Sutherly enjoying some donuts on an early morning in Louisville.

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