Minnesota Beef Expo | Sullivan Supply/Stock Show U Team Fitting Contest – Candids

Matthew Friemann dives right in and starts fitting the back leg on his team’s calf.

There were a total of twenty-one teams competing today!

Tucker Bayer takes a moment to look over his work on the front leg during the fitting contest.

Justin Viktora and Hunter Bruns work as a team to do the tail on their calf.

Holly Poad asks a team some questions before making her final placing.

The Fourth Overall Team works on their calf.

Josie Lorentz sprays Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to create the perfect tail.

Brady Ford uses a Sullivan’s Handy Sprayer to paint Sullivan’s Black Finisher on his calf.

Summer Kath utilizes Sullivan’s Tail Adhesive to fit the back leg on her calf.

Ben Endres works to create the perfect topline on his calf.

Wesly Johnson uses precision and patience to clip the tailhead on his calf.

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