Minnesota Beef Expo | Stock Show University Clinic

All the Sullivan Supply fitting essentials were ready to go before this morning’s clinic.


Tess Mittag, Stock Show University Manager, jokes around with the crowd before the clinic.



Professor Colby Lind explaining to the crowd what the prefect tailhead should look like.



Professor Hans Lind showing the crowd how to properly use a Sullivan’s Fluffer Roto Brush.



What a great crowd for the Stock Show University Clinic in St. Paul!!


Laura and Mira Schneck further discussing how to properly fit a back leg during the clinic.



The crowd getting up close and personal looking at the work of Professor Hans Lind on a back leg.



Professor Colby Lind following the rule of,  “Stock Show University stays till the last question is answered.”



Stock Show University sure got the approval of Harley Eldeen and Konrad Thelemann today!



A HUGE thank you to the entire Lind Family for their continuous support of Sullivan Supply and Stock Show University!

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