Mile High Herefords | National Western Stock Show

Judge Cody Lowderman selects SR Dominate 308F ET as Supreme Champion Hereford.

Clayton Boyert working on one in the chute.

National Hereford Queen, Melanie Fishel was all smiles as she lead in a class of cattle.

Maddie O’Leary leading in her Reserve Division heifer.

David Smith using Sullivan’s Revive this morning.

Guess who’s blaq, blaq again. Holly’s (Poad) back. Tell a friend.

If you can see it, you can achieve it.

Be sure to stop by and see the ever so lovely VitaFerm ladies, Ailee Langdon and Jessie Judge!

Big day for Herefords!

Jason Farmer working on his daughter’s heifer for the open show.

Rare sighting – Jerrod Arthur in the Hereford barn.

Have you ever seen a more excited face for NWSS?? Kurtis Klingaman

Judge Brent Lowderman on his way to select the Reserve Champion female.

Kynlee Dailey is sooo happy that her heifer is drinking.

Miles Barron helping out the Buck crew.

Congratulations to Vada Vickland on having champion Polled Hereford today.

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