Meet Sullivan Supply Marketing Partner – Justin Shoufler

Indiana is one of the premier show states in the United States, and Sullivan Supply has you covered! Established in October 2017, JRS Show Supply is Indiana’s source for all your Sullivan Supply products. Owner Justin Shoufler who raised Shorthorns with his family, Shoufler Shorthorns and has been on the inside and outside of the showing his whole life. Located in Fortville, IN, he has bred and shown numerous champions at NWSS, NAILE, KILE, and the Indiana State Fair.


Justin loves being able to connect with Indiana’s youth through Sullivan Supply. “I wanted to make my mark in the livestock industry, and working with Sullivan Supply is the perfect opportunity. Being able to answer questions and create solutions for all ages of showmen and women is one of my favorite parts of this job,” he stated.

Sullivan Supply and JRS Show Supply are essential to Indiana Junior Beef Cattle Association’s “Indiana’s Finest,” the state’s official show cattle circuit. Justin Shoufler represents Sullivan Supply at the year end banquet, recognizing the high point holders in each division. The show circuit starts at the Hoosier Beef Congress and ends at Fountain County Preview Show.


“The show circuit here [in Indiana] is one of the best ways for the kids to create lasting relationships in the livestock industry. Many families and kids travel from show to show together and are learning how to work with their peers in stressful situations,” Justin said. The life skills the youth learn from the shows are things they can take into their lives as they age.

JRS Show Supply can be reached at:
Phone: (317) 695-3082
Email: [email protected]
JRS Show Supply is located at 6484 N 50 W, Fortville, IN, United States, Indiana

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