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Matt Lautner & Kolten Thigpen Of Bullnanza Stud Services On “The Big Show” Podcast Channel On ITunes & Spotify Posted Saturday Afternoon! 🇺🇸🇺🇸📣🏆

#BigShowPodcast From 4.23.22
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Bullnanza Genetic Testing Has The Fastest & Most Reliable TH/PHA/DS Genetic Testing In The USA! #MLCApproved

-Submit Paperwork Asap So You Know Which Cows To Take To King Cobra, Hawkeye & I Am Here #MLCCarrierSires

-And Which Cows To Take To Hunter Biden’s Laptop, No Guts No Glory, Jumpstart & Kearney Man #MLCCleanSires


Call/Text Bullnanza Genetic Testing Or Log On To for TH/PHA/DS Testing Forms & Kits

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Mari Calloway(TH/PHA/DS Testing Lab Manager)
Tell: 979.533.1878

Kolten Thigpen, Owner
Tele: 830.426.1713

Jason Holder, Owner
Tele: 361.876.5886

Oklahoma Bullnanza Office
Tele: 405.377.8037

#LetsGo!! #Spring2022


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