Marvelous Monday at the National Western

Congratulations to Kelton Arthur on having a successful Denver!

Greg Walthall and Justin Johnson evaluate the heifers one last time before selecting Champion Shorthorn female.

Jerrod Arthur and Tyler Atwood put the finishing touches on the Champion Charolais Female.

Clayton Boyert dialing in a belly during the Charolais show this morning.

Two thumbs up from Ben Nikkel on being ready to leave Denver.

Wright Charolais’ getting a heifer ready for the Open Show Today.

Thank you CK Cattle for trusting in Sullivan Supply Products.

Sullivan’s Lakeside Chute Lights are a popular product at the National Western!

Even Allan Miller can blow out a Charolais Heifer.

Jesse Hoblyn using Sullivan’s Red Velvet Touch Up Paint

Tyler Cates putting the smoke show on a back leg.

Brenden Corry combining Sullivan’s Red Velvet and Dark Crimson Touch Up Paint.

Samantha Reese working hair before the Open Shorthorn Show.