Maine and Chianina Jr. Nationals | Stock Show U Showmanship Showdown

John Sullivan, Founder of Sullivan Supply, Stock Show U, and Sullivan Farms, giving the crowd excellent pointers over showmanship.

Professor Tyler Winegardner educating the crowd over essential products we believe you should have in your barn’s daily care routine.

Tess Mittag, Stock Show U Manager, is learning fast that the crowd goes crazy for Sullivan Supply freebies.

Stock Show University has all the essentials lined up today.

Beckett Winegardner was not afraid to vote on who won the Showmanship Showdown.

Blake Nelson and Dustin Hurlbut battling it out to see who would come out on top of the showdown. 

In defeat, Blake Nelson got the annual water over the head treatment from Stock Stock U Manager, Tess Mittag. 

Dustin Hurlbut might have won the showdown but he still got a surprise bucket of water. 

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