Maine and Chianina Jr. Nationals Livestock Loot | SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THIS

Stock Show U Manager, Tess Mittag hyping up the Maine and Chianina exhibitors before Livestock Loot.


The Sullivan Supply crew reviewing some instructions for the Livestock Loot.

Brenna Thorson is ready to roll!


Hadley Dunklau trying to grab all the money she can for some new swag from the Stock Market Fan Shop!


National Sales Representative  Nathan Folk giving pointers to the contestants in the money machine.


National Sales Representative Addie Shaffer is all smiles during Livestock Loot.


You should say that Brooks Pettigrew approves of Livestock Loot!


Kennedy Sherman having her chance in the money grab machine!


Aksel Blankenship, here for the Livestock Loot, but first the FREE Cotton Candy!


National Sales Representatives Addie Shaffer and Nathan Folk calling out the numbers to see who is next!


Congratulations to all the Livestock Loot Winner from today’s Livestock Loot! Jorja Holm, Kennedy Sherman, Brenna Thorson, Bailee McCollom, Brooks Pettigrew, Landee Warnock, Johnny Gill, Landon Berry, Hadley Dunklau, Brynleigh Sherman, and Eli Wollenburg, pictured with National Sales Representatives Addie Shaffer and Nathan Folk and Stock Show U Manager, Tess Mittag.

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