Maine and Chi Junior Nationals | The MAINE place to CHI!

Sales Representative Nathan “Roundy” Folk and John Keffer in true flare style today.

Wager Brown really is a beast!

Austin Rogers puttin’ in the blower work today!

Bently Moscrip uses Sullivan’s Smart Scrub to get his calves clean.

Mckalynne Helmke gears up for show day with her Champion-purple Air Express!

Waylyn Brown loves Sullivan’s Air Express!
Lane Rigdon on double duty with Sullivan’s Smart Scrub and Sullivan’s Rice Root Brush.

The Steveson family hangs around in a Sullivan’s Chute Hammock.
Graycee Vanorsdol and Sara Sullivan are huge fans of the Stock Market Fan Shop!

Maddax McCollum and Kinley Smith at the Texas Junior Maine-Anjou and Chianina Booth!