Love for Lisa

Lisa Johnson, of South Dakota is a proud show mom of Courtney and Jeremiah who are very involved and competitive in the cattle and sheep industry. They have been very successful showing sheep as well as cattle especially within the Hereford Breed. It’s not often that Lisa misses a show.
Unfortunately Lisa has been having some health problems over the last month and a half. What doctors initially thought was a double ear and sinus infection has actually turned out to be Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease. CJD is a very rare and fatal brain disorder. A hospital stay in Sioux Falls led to a trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN for a full diagnosis.

It’s hard to believe “Mama Johnson” has been dealt something she won’t be able to fight her way out of and we know the next few months will be difficult for Lisa, Gary, Courtney and Jeremiah.
A family friend and fellow showman states, “It isn’t a show without Mama Johnson running around. Lisa has great advice, a passion for her family and their livestock, the best looks while coaching from the fence of the show ring, and an even better hug at the end of the day. She is something special. Please help support the Johnson family during this tough time.”
The neighborhood (SD) and the Ag industry is short many leaders lately. This site is easing financial pain: http://home/sullivanplus/
Thank you for thinking of her family during this difficult time.
Love for Lisa

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